New Odia Calendar 2023 (Oriya Calendar) – All months & Festival List

Odia calendar 2023, also known as the Oriya calendar, is used in the Indian state of Odisha to determine important dates and festivals. It is a solar calendar, with the year beginning on the first day of the month of Baisakh. The Odia calendar has 12 months, with each month containing between 28,30, and 31 … Read more

Odia Month Name and Seasons Name – Odia Masara Nama


Odia Month Name: In English Calendar, There were 12 months and it was used in World Wide. But The Odia Calendar is Slightly Different From English Calendar. Odia Calendar also has 12 months But the New year in the odia Calendar is Different From English Calendar. Where the New Year in English Calendar Started on … Read more

Six Seasons Name in Odia – 6 Ritu ra Nama Odiare


Six Seasons Name in Odia – Just like English Calendar Odia Calendar also has 12 months and Six seasons. But the Odia Calendar is slightly different from English Calendar. While the New Year begins on January 1 in the English calendar, it starts on Pana Sankranti on 14 April in the Odia calendar. In odia, … Read more