Interesting Fact About Lord Jaganath Mahaprasad

Interesting Fact About Jaganath Mahaprasad: Jagannath Dham in Puri, Odisha is one of the four Dham mentioned in the scriptures. Jagannath temple in puri is also one of the sacred places for Hindus.  The lord Jagannath temple in puri is filled with lots of mystery and devotion. More than 1 lakh devotees take Mahaprasad in PURI each day.

Usually offering to the deities in other temples of India is called Prasad but in the Jagannath temple, Puri offering is called Mahaprasad. Each day thousands of people take Mahaprasda in Ananda Bazar.

In this post, we are going to share some interesting facts about Mahaprasad.

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Interesting Fact About Jaganath Mahaprasad

  • Each day 56 types of Holy Prasad are prepared in The Jagannath Temple.
  • Mahaprasad is two types. One is Sankudi and other is Sukhila Mahaprasad.
  • Rice, Ghee rice, mixed rice, Sweet daal, Plain daal, Vegetable mix, etc is called Sankudi Mahaprasad while Dry rice is called Sukhila Mahaprasad.
  • Sukhila Mahaprasad is also called Nirmalya or Kabalya.
  • In mythology, there is a belief among Hindus that if Nirmalya is given to a person on his deathbed he will find himself in heaven after his death.
  • The most important fact about Mahaprasad is, it is cooked only in an earthen pot by using firewood.
  • The Prasad or divine offering to the Lord is cooked on firewood in seven vessels or pots maintained one above the various other. The miracle is that the food kept in the topmost vessel gets prepared first, complied with by the 2nd, and more till the seventh or lowest one above the fire obtains cooked.
  • The most miraculous fact is that the Mahaprasad prepared in Jaganath temple are the same all day but the same amount of prasad is consumed by thousands to lakh people different in every day, there has never been a shortfall.
  • Every day 600 to 700 cooks prepare Mahaprasad and around 50 thousand to 1 lakh people consume it at Anand Bazar.
  • Ananda Bazar where Mahaprasad is served is the Largest open-air Hotel in the World.

These are the Some Interesting Facts about Mahaprasad offered in Jagannath temple. In the future, we will add some extra facts about Mahaprasad in this post. Share this post with your family and friends and know them about these interesting facts.

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