Phalguna Chaitra Odia Movie Download, Storyline, Star Cast, Movie Ticket, And Released Hall

Phalguna Chaitra Odia Movie Download: Phalguna Chaitra is a new Odia movie set to release in theaters on 12 May. As per the media release by the Phalguna Chaitra team, this movie’s premier show will be in Swati Theater in Bhubaneswar, In which both the lead actor and actress will be present to make an impact on audiences.

This movie carries a pure odia authentic storyline in which Choudhury Jay Prakash Das, Partha Sarathi Ray, Ananya Mishra, and B M Baisali seem to be role as some important characters. The actual storylines roam around a family which tries to tell how a family unites in tough times and sacrifices for their loved ones.

Phalguna Chaitra Odia Movie Download

Phalguna Chaitra Odia Movie Star Cast

Phalguna Chaitra Odia Movie carries some brilliant odia actor. Many veteran actors and actresses are seen in this movie. The list of these actors is as follows below.

Movie NamePhalguna Chaitra
Director:Peenakee Singh, Sisir Kumar Sahu
Producer:Sakti Jagdev (John)
Co-Producer/Presenter:Babushaan Mohanty
Story:Dr. Sulagna Mohanty
Screenplay & Dialogues:Pranab Prasanna Rath
Editor:Rashmi Ranjan Dash
Lyrics:J.P Wordsmith, Sthita Pattnaik, Sumit Panda
Lead Actors:Choudhury Jay Prakash Das, Partha Sarathi Ray, Ananya Mishra, B M Baisali, Sukant Rath, Pranab Prasanna Rath, Chandan Biswal, Manisa Manjari Mishra, Kailash Panigrahi

Phalguna Chaitra Odia Movie Details

The newly released Odia Movie Phalguna Chaitra is directed by the famous Odia Movie director Peenakee Singh, Sisir Kumar Sahu. The story of this movie was written by the notable odia story and poem writer Dr. Sulagna Mohanty. More Details about this movie are as follows.

HeroPartha Sarathi Ray
HeroinAnanya Mishra, B M Baisali
Release Date12 May 2023
Budget70 lakhs
Box office CollectionNot yet release
Ticketing PartnerBook My Show
More DetailsVisit Here

Phalguna Chaitra Odia Movie Download

After its release, the Phalguna Chaitra Odia Movie Download link is now viral on the internet. However, downloading this movie from an unauthorized source is illegal and may be harmful to your device due these links often caries some harmful links which cause hanging and virus problems in your device.

In this struggling phase of the Odia Movie industry Downloading movies from unauthorized sites deprives creators and distributors of their rightful income, which could have a negative impact on the movie industry and its ability to produce new content.

So if you are capable enough to watch this movie in theaters, then go and watch this movie in the theater to support Odia’s authentic Content and the movie industry.

Phalguna Chaitra Odia Movie Review And Storyline

As per the opening day report, Phalguna Chaitra Odia Movie creates a positive review among the audience. The storyline of this movie is unique and roams around the Odia culture, tradition, and family sentiment. This is a must-watch movie for every Odia People. As per the different public reviews, this film gets a 4.5 Rating among 5.

Phalguna Chaitra Odia Movie Review 4.5/5
IMDb RatingRate Here

Phalguna Chaitra Odia Movie Hall List

Phalguna Chaitra Odia Movie Download and Hall List: The newly released family drama Odia Movie Falguna Chaitra release across all districts of Odisha having more than 30 screens on its opening day. The hall list and show time of this movie Phalguna Chaitra are listed below.


In conclusion, Phalguna Chaitra is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates good cinema. Special for Odia people it’s a must-watch movie. Go and watch this movie to support Odia Movie Industry.

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