Top 5 Famous Food Of Odisha – Every Odia Should Try Once

Famous Food Of Odisha: Odisha the eastern state of India is famous for its rich heritage and long beautiful coastline. The state is also the hub of several important temples, including the Jagannath Temple in Puri and the Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneswar. But have you ever heard about the famous food of Odisha, in this post we are going to cover 15 famous food of Odisha?

Okay, so why not go with some traditional Odia food this month? See this article about the famous food of Odisha. Odisha cuisine is generally simple, tasty, and prepared using locally available ingredients.

There is vegetarian and non-vegetarian food too. You can also find a variety of sweets and if you have sweet tooth, then you must try some of the famous sweets specially Odia Rasgulla. I hope all of you will try to eat some odia food after reading this article, so let’s know about some food, which is very famous in Odisha.

Famous Food Of Odisha

Famous food of Odisha

These are the top 5 famous food of Odisha you must try when you visit Odisha. Let’s start

Pakhala Bhata :


Pakhala Bhata or Dahi Pakhala is the most famous food in Odisha. Every Odia love this dish. Pakhala is a simple odia cuisine where the cooked rice is soaked in water. It is mostly prepared on the hot summer days which keeps us cool. Wet rice is mixed with salt, spices, mint, or pea leaves and then yogurt is added. Mostly with sticks. This plate is served Locals say Pakhala helps bring good sleep. The dish is easy to digest and is believed to have several health benefits. It is also a popular choice for people who are fasting or following a vegetarian diet.

Rasgulla :


Rasagulla the soul of Odia food is a divine food offered to Lord Jagannath. Rasagulla is made from chenna and cooked in sugar syrup It is available in almost every sweet stall but Pahala Rasgullah is just the best It has about 40-50 shops and is a tried and tested place. Rasgulla is typically served as a dessert, either on its own or with other sweets. It is also a popular offering during Hindu festivals and celebrations.

Chena Poda :


Chena Poda is a food basically a sweet dish famous in the Nayagarh district of Odisha. It is made from chhena, or cottage cheese, and sugar, These ingredients are baked for several hours until it turns dark brown in color and has a caramelized, burnt sugar flavor. The shape of Chena Poda is like a baked cake. it is one of the foods in Odisha that you can find in every sweet shop in the state.

Poda Pitha :


Poda Pitha or Rice cake is another famous Dish of Odisha and is prepared with rice powder or suji, coconut, and sugar. The main ingredients of this recipe are millet, coconut, eggplant leaves, rice flour, dried fruit, and milk. It is ready during the popular festival of Odisha. The festival lasts for three days during which women take a break from their daily life housework and play indoor games.

Dahibara Aludum :


If you are a street food lover, you must have heard about Dahi Bara Alo Dum which every Odia wants. This food is very tasty and you will not forget to mix curry with vegetables It is served with potatoes, and dumplings, and topped with chopped onions, coriander leaves, and sauces. You can find stalls of Dahi Bara on every corner of the city. Cuttack is famous for this delicious food It is now found in almost all parts of Odisha.

Conclusion :

There are many nos of food, which are famous in different parts of Odisha. In this post, we are only covering a limited no of the famous food in Odisha. In the future, we are going to cover all the famous food of Odisha, so visit our website for such posts.

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